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Michael    Franks

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Michael Franks Franks began his musical career in his native La Jolla, California, where he played in a variety of high school folk and rock bands. He continued to perform and write during his college tenure at UCLA and in the late '60s relocated to Canada to complete his education. While there he opened shows for Gordon Lighffoot and worked with the Canadian group, Lighthouse. After a stint teaching music and scoring films, Franks went on to record with blues legends Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. In 1973 he recorded his self-titled debut album which featured the minor hit ‘Can't Seem To Stop This Rock 'N' Roll.’ After a trip to England and more film scoring work, he returned to California where he was signed to Warner Bros. Records after taking on a music research project for the company. His first release on the label, The Art Of Tea (1976), featured the hit ‘Popsicle Toes.’ It was followed by a string of popularly and critically acclaimed albums, including ‘Sleeping Gypsy’ (1977), ‘Birchfield Nines’ (1978) ‘Tiger In The Rain’ (1979) and ‘One Bad Habit’ (1980). Franks used a Polynesian palette to paint a rich musical portrait on ‘Objects Of Desire,’ reflecting his longstanding interest in the French Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin. While the LP's nine original cuts run a stylistic gamut, songs such as ‘Tahitian Moon’ convey the mystery and allure of island life. The engaging verbal wordplay that is a Michael Franks trademark is also on display in ‘Objects Of Desire,’ with such songs as ‘Ladies' Night’ and ‘Laughing Gas.’  
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